Nickelodeon Sunny Day Cindy the Baker
VOICE Melissa van der Schyff
DEBUT "Sneak Peek Short"

Cindy is one of the main characters. She is a baker with a constant bad hair day. She tends to be unlucky but is very friendly nonetheless. Cindy is voiced by Melissa van der Schyff.


Cindy runs her own bakery that the Sunny Day team visits every day. In most episodes, she sells a food item that relates to the episode's main plot. She is prone to bad luck; no matter how many times Cindy goes to Sunny's salon, her hair is always a mess, and often times the food she is selling will be destroyed somehow. However, she is very nice to her customers.

Unlike the other characters, Cindy doesn't dye her hair or wear bright colours. She has a cat named Ralph. Cindy has a habit of putting her hands in her pockets while she talks. Cupcakes seem to be her motif since her baker's uniform and storefront are themed around them.


Cindy is one of the few characters who doesn't use hair dye or wear brightly-coloured clothes. She wears magenta-coloured glasses, purple sneakers, a light purple dress with a white collar, and a blue baker's apron with a cupcake pattern on it.



  • Originally, in the sneak peek short, her apron was white with a purple pattern. The decision to change it to blue seems to have been made late in production. In "Friendship Day," a colouring error occurs for about two seconds and her apron is briefly shown with the original colour scheme.
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